Heart Problems? God is The Healer!

Heart Problems? God is The Healer!

by Cal
(Arizona, USA)

I have attempted to walk with God since 1975. The Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that is contained therein has been mighty loving, patient and caring in my attempts. He has been faithful to meet the needs of me and my family and ultimately direct my efforts to Him, causing me to grow in the knowledge of and intimacy with Him, His Son, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

In the early 1950s, after graduating from high school, I was introduced to the construction industry. It was a field which I enjoyed. I formulated a plan to become a General Contractor over some 25 years.

As some may know, the majority of construction hands are not a gentle, nor religious lot. Over time, I was able to achieve an education as a Civil Engineer, together with experience in various disciplines of construction, working in about 95% of the states in the U.S.A.

In 1969, I was not attempting to walk with God, however He afforded me the opportunity to open a General Contracting business in Texas. The business flourished, but the early 1970s were fraught with many economic problems.

Our business was not immune. One of our major customers experienced financial difficulties. Without going into detail, their situation resulted in a tremendous loss for our firm.

In 1975, the added burden and stress resulted in a heart problem for me, with blood pressure off the charts. I spent most of a week in ICU; tubes and wires of every description hooked to all areas of my chest. My Medical Doctor was one of the best. He was known as the Doctor's Doctor!

During the couple of weeks in the hospital and nearly dying, I remembered having met Jesus at an early age. The Holy Spirit caused me to give ample thought to why I was where I was; where I was headed; and what I needed to do to preclude my destination of hell - separation from God. In other words, I repented of my sins and was reborn into the family of God.

After that couple of weeks, I was released to go home with very limited activity. I began to study the Bible with determination and excitement, learning what I needed to do to get my business in order with God? It was important to me to get to know this Great God of the Bible.

Gradually, I gained strength and with the help of many prescription drugs, I was able to start work again. The business failed. It was a financial disaster! With God's help, we survived.

In 1978, I went to my Doctor's office for a routine check-up. They took the normal tests and I was scheduled the following week to see the Doctor. In just a couple of days, the Doctor's office called and asked that I come by and retake the tests. I inquired, Why? I was told they merely wanted to make sure of the results. This occurred again, with the follow-up with the Doctor scheduled for the same time. I was really concerned that some abnormality had reared its head.

Now the Doctor was a tremendous physician, however, he did not know God and did not pretend to be a Christian. I was rather irate that I had taken 3 sets of 'normal' tests with no logical explanation. When I saw the Doctor, he explained that the tests showed that my heart and blood pressure problems had disappeared. As a matter of fact, his exact statement was,

"I've heard about these things, but I've never seen it before. Yours is truly a case of pick up your bed and walk. There is nothing wrong with your heart or blood pressure. As a matter of fact I want you off all the medication immediately. It will do nothing but harm you. You have the heart of a 16-year old!"

I said it was important for me to get to know this Great God of the Bible. During this time of great hardship, I gained a knowledge of The Father's Plan for all humanity; His Provision, Jesus, to pay the price for re-establishing our communion and fellowship with Him; and The Holy Spirit, Who takes care of us all, teaching and training as we will and are able to accept instruction. In short, I began to learn to trust and rely on the Great God of the Bible.

At no point did I ever ask for the healing of my heart. God merely dispensed His grace and mercy in abundance. He proved He is Sovereign and is worthy of all praise, honor and glory.

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Our Healer
by: Anonymous

God of the Bible is the only true healer. He is also the only One we can fully trust!

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