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I guess as long as mankind has existed there have been questions about God and His Spiritual realm. There are many questions as to why He does or doesn’t do something when people seem to need Him to interact in their lives. I, myself, have had lots of questions over the many years that I have served Him. Many of those questions have been answered while others have not. Why they have not I don’t know. I have seen the Lord move miraculously in my life when I had needs, yet there have been other times when I wondered why His ears seem deaf to my pleas.

I think, in this time of economic crisis we are in today, people will have more questions than they normally would. People’s income has hit an all time low and they don’t know how they are going to make it financially. Some no longer even have jobs. The world is wondering what is happening and will there ever be prosperous times again. Many of these people are God’s children and they are questioning God and wondering why He does not do something. They are wondering why God has allowed this to happen to them.

Perhaps by trying to answer the following questions I can help someone understand a little bit of what is happening. If we are going to have faith in God, we must understand Him and His plan for mankind and what may be in store for us in the near future. Some of the questions will be things that people have wondered about for centuries. Many people will not ask questions because they think it makes them look foolish or ignorant. Let me tell you now, if we do not have answers, then we should ask questions.

For spiritual answers, click on the following questions:

What Does It Mean To Be Saved Or Born Again?

What does it mean to trust the Lord?

Where did God come from?

When will Jesus return to Earth?

Where Does Satan Come From?

Why Is It?

Jesus calls His disciples

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