A PAGAN, Not Christian Festival

We have all thought CHRISTMAS to be the most important of the so-called Christian holidays. Without asking questions, we have blindly assumed its observance must be one of the principle teachings and commands of the New Testament. Even though most know that Jesus was not born on December the 25th, we accept that date as the one we celebrate as His birthday, and that the New Testament set this day aside as a major Christian festival. We have adopted the exchanging of gifts because the wise men presented gifts to the Christ-child.

But, let's quit blindly assuming anything and look into history and the Bible for the FACTS!

The word "Christmas" means "Mass of Christ" or, as it later became shortened, "Christ-Mass." It came to us as a Roman Catholic mass.  And where did they get it?  From the HEATHEN celebration of December 25th, as the birthday of Sol the SUN-GOD!  It is, actually, an ancient rite of BAALISM, which the Bible condemns as the most abominable of all idolatrous worship!

It is not so much as MENTIONED anywhere in the New Testament.  It was never observed by Paul, the apostles, or the early true Christian church!

The idea that Jesus was born December 25th, is one of the FABLES the Apostle Paul prophesied (Second Tim. 4:4) would deceive the world in these latter days.

The plain truth is, Christmas is NOT Christ's birthday at all!  And this festival, important as it seems to so many, is not of Christian, but of pagan--Babylonish--origin!  But does that make any difference?  Isn't it all right to go ahead and observe it anyway?  Isn't the "Christmas SPIRIT" a good and splendid thing, regardless of how it got started?  WE SHALL SEE!

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I wish for you the wisdom to only follow God and the truth from His Word

God Bless You!

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