Do You Know My Jesus?

 I JOHN 2:15 warns us; 

‘A person who will have nothing to do with the Son and turns against Him does not even know the Father.  But the one who confesses Jesus also has the Father.’ 

But if you chose to follow Him; I mean really follow after Him; you get to follow the One who is the fulfillment to hundreds of prophecies and the main figure in most conversations throughout history. 

What are you, personally, willing to do with Jesus?  Are you willing to put your leadership aside and let Him be the Guiding Light in you?  How much of yourself are you willing to devote to Him?  I think to answer that; we must first understand what we think about Him.  Who is He to us?  And is He really that important to us? 

No matter how hard you try, you are not allowed to be neutral when it comes to Jesus.  You are on one side of the fence or the other, but you will never be able to straddle the fence on this one.  If you don’t really know if He changes lives or not, then I would say you don’t really know Him, because my Jesus is all about changing lives.  

He is the most important man to have ever lived, and mankind tries to relegate Him down to nothing more than “a good man.” 

PHILIPPIANS 2:10-11 tells us, 

‘When the name of Jesus is spoken, everyone in Heaven and on earth and under the earth will bow down before Him.  And every tongue will say that Jesus Christ is the Lord.’



I said it is all about Him, and not about us.  I think we must again ask ourselves “What are we willing to do with Jesus?” 

There are some who will hear that and immediately close their ears to it.  Then some will begin to recount all the “things” they have done in their Christian “career.” 

I pray there will also be many who hear this message and find that it echoes down deep in their souls, and causes them to change their lives – every day for the rest of their lives. 

He is the central figure in the bestselling book of all time.  He claims to be the highway to holiness and the gateway to glory.  His love never changes and His mercy is permanent.  He has guaranteed us that if we choose to believe and trust in Him, we will find that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. 

He has more titles than a library has books, and all the books in the world could not hold His many deeds.  His Word claims that nobody comes to the Father except through Him as their Savior.  Is that the truth or is that an outrageous exaggeration?  You have to make that decision for yourself.  And you should be very, very careful as you do, because your eternal soul is riding on your answer. 

If you aren’t sure and you have questions about Jesus, why aren’t you asking them?  And if you are a believer in Jesus, why aren’t you doing more for Him?  Why aren’t you doing what He said to do, and why aren’t you sharing His story more?  Why would we claim to believe in somebody whom we are not willing to try and be like?  That is like saying you are a fisherman but refusing to go out and buy a rod and reel.  You either are, or you aren’t – in either scenario. 

Being a Christian is much like shooting a shotgun.  You either shoot it or you don’t.  There is no kind of shooting it.  It is like having a baby.  You are either pregnant or you aren’t.  There is no sort of being pregnant and there is no kind of being a Christian or sort of being a Christian.  You either are or you aren’t! 

Charles Blondin was the most famous tightrope walker in history.  He lived in the early 1900’s.  He was known for walking across Niagara Falls, 160 feet above the water, on a rope that stretched for nearly 2 miles.  

He was also famous for his theatrics.  He walked across that rope on stilts and he walked across it blindfolded.  He even walked across carrying a chair, only to sit down half way across, make an omelet, and eat it before finishing his walk. 

But perhaps the most astounding feat came when he pushed an empty wheelbarrow across, and then returned with it.  Everyone cheered, and he asked one question.  He asked how many in the crowd believed he could do it again, but with a person in the wheelbarrow.  The crowed broke out in loud cheers, but grew deathly quiet when Mr. Blondin asked if there were any volunteers. 

It seems they believed, but not enough for them to do it.  That is like many Christians today:  They believe in Jesus, but not enough to change their lives to be like Him; and certainly not enough to 'go and do' as Jesus commanded.  They seem to be content with keeping Jesus their own little secret.  They go to church on Sunday, and then as they leave, they fail to take Jesus with them.  Seems some people who profess Christ do so while wanting absolutely no personal involvement with Him.  They want to be Christians, but not enough to live like one.

Mr. Blondin saw the crowd grow quiet.  The silence lasted for what seemed like an eternity.  And then one man came forward to get in the wheelbarrow.  Mr. Blondin  then pushed the wheelbarrow back over the falls, and returned with the man safe and sound still inside. 

In regards to Jesus Christ, where are you this morning?  Are you in the crowd, standing like you don't want to be noticed, hoping the subject will quickly change - or are you walking towards the wheelbarrow?  Are you trying to “be like” Jesus, or are you trying your best to distance yourself from Him when you are around others?  What are you really committed to:  Jesus Christ or your own worldly comfort? 

Peter was in the boat one dark and stormy night.  Waves were crashing all around the boat and the only light they had was when lightning flashed.  And then it was only for one brief second before it got dark again. 

And then he saw somebody out there walking on the water.  I think we can all imagine just how scared he might have been.  Peter may have talked too much and may have sometimes spoken aimlessly, but he had faith.  Peter lived by faith. 

 Peter called out and said, “Christ if that is You, tell me to come to You.”  Jesus answered back over the noise of the storm and simply said, “Come!”  And what did Peter do?  He did something most of us would never have the courage to do in the same situation; he stepped out of the boat and started walking to Jesus. 

Peter was committed.  He stepped out in faith, knowing he could have been putting himself in harm’s way.  Do we step out in faith, not knowing where to put our foot down next?  Do we truly trust in Jesus enough to close our eyes and begin walking towards Him?  Or do we give a measure of faith; giving the convenient amount that will never put us at any risk?

If you are not willing to risk anything for Jesus, you aren’t worthy of walking anywhere with Jesus!  We are so afraid of somebody persecuting us by saying something rude, that we end up being rude to the only One who really matters!  I don’t want to upset anyone, but if I have to make a choice, I would rather upset the person down the street from me than the Savior in Heaven who is waiting for me.

As we go before our Lord this morning, I want you to decide how committed you really are to Jesus Christ.  Do you work for Him, or do you just talk about Him?  Is He your King?  Is He your Lord?  Is He your Provider?  Do you fully trust Him?

Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “trust” as: 

·  to place full confidence in

·  to fully depend upon

·  to commit one’s care to

·  to rely on the truth and accuracy involved.’

JOHN 3:15 tells us,

‘Whoever puts his trust in Jesus will have life that will last forever.’

As you read that, understand that it may be simply stated, but it has all the depth of meaning in the Universe.

As we go into our time of invitation, I want to ask you: 

1.     Do you know Jesus today?  I mean really know Him?

2.     And if you do, what are you willing to do with Him in your life today?

3.     Are you willing to finally put your trust in Him today?

There is a big difference between knowing someone and just knowing about someone.  We all know about President Obama, but nobody in this church knows him. 

I wonder; do you know my Jesus today?  If you don’t … you can.  All you have to do is walk up here and turn your life over to Him.  The simplest and most powerful act you will have ever have to do on this earth.  Come up here and let me go to His heavenly Throne with you – as you invite Him into your heart!  And all we have to do is realize it just isn't about us after all.  It is all about Him in us.

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I wish for you the joy of knowing Jesus as your Savior and Lord

God Bless You!

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.

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