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Now where did we get this MISTLETOE custom?  Among the ancient pagans the mistletoe was used at this festival of the winter solstice because it was considered sacred to the SUN, because of its supposed miraculous healing power.  The pagan custom of kissing under the mistletoe was an early step in the night of revelry and drunken debauchery--celebrating the death of the "old sun" and the birth of the new at the winter solstice.  Mistletoe, sacred in pagan festivals, is a PARASITE!

Holly berries were also considered sacred to the sun-god.  The yule log is in reality the "sun log".  "Yule" means "wheel," a pagan symbol of the sun.  Yet today professing Christians speak of the "sacred YULETIDE season!"

Even the lighting of fires and candles as a Christian ceremony is merely a continuation of the pagan custom, encouraging the waning sun-god as he reached the lowest place in the southern skies!

The Americana says:  "The holly, the mistletoe, the Yule log...are relics of pre-Christian times." "PAGANISM!"  The book, Answers to Questions, compiled by Frederick J. Haskins, found in public libraries, says: "The use of Christmas wreaths is believed by authorities to be traceable to the pagan customs of decorating buildings and places of worship at the feast which took place at the same time as Christmas.  The Christmas tree is from Egypt, and its origin dates from a period long anterior to the Christmas Era."

Yes, And Even SANTA CLAUS!

But surely dear old Santa Claus is not a creature of pagan birth?  But he IS, and his real character is not so benevolent and holy as many suppose!

The name "Santa Claus" is a corruption of the name "St. Nicholas," a Roman Catholic bishop who lived in the 5th century.  Look in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 19, pages 648-9, 11th edition, where you'll read: "St. Nicholas, bishop of Myra...a saint honored by the Greeks and Latins on the sixth of December...A legend of his surreptitious bestowal of dowries on the three daughters of an impoverished citizen...is said to have originated the old custom of giving presents in secret on the eve of St. Nicholas [Dec. 6].  SUBSEQUENTLY TRANSFERRED TO CHRISTMAS DAY.  Hence the association of Christmas with Santa Claus...."

Thru the year, parents punish their children for telling falsehoods.  Then, at Christmas time, they themselves tell their little children this "Santa Claus" lie!  Is it any wonder many of them, when they grow up and learn the truth, begin to believe God is a myth, too?

One little fellow, sadly disillusioned about "Santa Claus," said to a playmate, "Yes, and I'm going to look into this 'Jesus Christ business,' too!"  Is it CHRISTIAN to teach children myths and falsehoods?  God says, "Thou shalt not bear FALSE WITNESS!"  It may seem right, and be justified by human reason, but God says, "There is a way that seemth right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of DEATH!"  "Old Nick" also is a term for the devil!  Is there a connection?  Satan appears as an "angel of LIGHT," to deceive!

And so when we examine the facts, we are astonished to learn that the practice of observing Christmas is not, after all, a true Christian practice, but a pagan custom--one of the ways of BABYLON our people have fallen into!

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Jesus willingly paid a horrendous death on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and restored fellowship with God, don't we owe Him a life without any hint of false beliefs such as traditons steeped in the occult?

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