Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

We don't get a second chance at life...

This is not a practice run...


Life is very precious. Time can be used or wasted...time is infinitely precious....It can NOT be purchased or bought for any amount of money. Will the people I have known be better for having known me, or worse? Have I helped -- or hurt? Am I turning on the lights, or turning them off and leaving the landscape darker than before?

The world needs more light, not more darkness. It needs more kindness, more courage, more honour. If we do not give it, who will?

Dare to care! Dare to DO MORE! Dare to be the light to others that walk in darkness! Dare to make a difference! Dare to love unconditionally!

Dare to tell people about Jesus!

Dare To Do It Now

Who Is Jesus To You?

  • To the artist, He is the...ONE ALTOGETHER LOVELY

  • To the architect, He is the...CHIEF CORNERSTONE

  • To the astronomer, He is the...SON OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

  • To the baker, He is the...LIVING BREAD

  • To the banker, He is the...HIDDEN TREASURE

  • To the builder, He is the...SURE FOUNDATION

  • To the biologist, He is the...LIFE

  • To the carpenter, He is the...DOOR

  • To the educator, He is the...MASTER TEACHER

  • To the farmer, He is the...SOWER & THE LORD OF THE HARVEST

  • To the florist, He is the...ROSE OF SHARON & THE LILY OF THE VALLEY

  • To the geologist, He is the...ROCK OF AGES

  • To the judge, He is the...RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, JUDGE OF ALL MEN

  • To the jeweler, He is the...PEARL OF GREAT PRICE

  • To the lawyer, He is the...COUNSELOR, THE LAWGIVER, THE ADVOCATE

  • To the newspaper man, He is the...GOOD TIDING OF GREAT JOY

  • To the philanthropist, He is the...UNSPEAKABLE GIFT

  • To the philosopher, He is the...NEW AND LIVING WAY

  • To the preacher, He is the...WORD OF GOD

  • To the sculptor, He is the...LIVING STONE

  • To the servant, He is the...GOOD MASTER

  • To the statesman, He is the...DESIRE OF ALL NATIONS

  • To the student, He is the...INCARNATE TRUTH

  • To the toiler, He is the...GIVER OF REST


  • To the christian, He is the...SON OF THE LIVING GOD, SAVIOR, REDEEMER, AND LORD

    Author Unknown

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  • I wish for you an intimate relationship with your Lord and Savior"

    God Bless You!

    Just a part of
    God's Beauty


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