I would like to share some things with you regarding our thought pattern when we think of God.

Obviously, we all think, BIG, All Knowing, Love, Forgiving, Saving. Some even think Mean, Kind, Vengeance, Punishment. Rather than trying to picture or imagine God in our minds, I suggest that we view God in everything that is. That may seem a strange phrase to some, but if God wasn’t, there would be nothing; If God didn’t create, there would be nothing, our universe; our earth; our atmosphere; our food; our air to breathe; nothing!

If we merely look about us, we find a very complex creation – one that supports itself. If we look at our bodies, we find a more complex creation – one that even heals itself to a great degree.

Let’s start when we wake and review some of the things we should be thankful for.

  • A good nights rest – with our bodies ready to go for another day;
  • A sun rise – on time every morning, without fail;
  • A climate – tuned to perfection to accommodate all living things;
  • Food & drink – designed to give our bodies sustenance;
  • Opportunity – to provide care and protection to those we love;
  • Opportunity – to serve Our Lord and Master, Jesus, another day;
  • Opportunity – to thank Jesus for all needed resource and care.

I am blessed and enjoy starting my morning with Zella, my wife. We normally have our coffee on the patio before daybreak. This allows me to reflect on some of the things above, spend some quality time talking with Jesus and then, of course, quality time with my bride, Zella.

Occasionally my day doesn’t start the normal way. Sometimes I let scheduling or other matters interfere. Believe me, those days do not start or run as good and smooth as they should.

I suggest: that we all take time to reflect and acknowledge the goodness and awesomeness of the God we serve; that we take time to thank Him for everything He has supplied; and ask Him to guide and use us as He sees fit for His ultimate purpose.

If we do those simple things, our days will be smoother and far more productive on this earth, not to mention the rewards we build in our Heavenly Kingdom!

In Service for Jesus, The Christ

James 4:7


God takes the sacrifice of His Son very seriously. We should too if we want to make Heaven our final home.


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Wireless Connection

I pray Our Awesome, All-Powerful God and Father of Our Lord Jesus, meet your every need and that He bless you as you are obedient to Him.

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God Is Still Driving!!

With earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornados, tragic accidents, rebellions, wars and many other actions occurring that affect our lives, many ask,

“Why does God allow it?”

“This world is a perilous place in which to live, conduct business and raise our families.”

I have found there is only ONE SURE SOURCE that I can rely on to protect me and mine. That is the God of the Bible. I invite you to study this God I serve, His Son, Jesus and His Holy Spirit by digesting God’s Operations Manual for our Life, the Holy Bible.

If you care to walk with Him, He will provide the care and direction you need through the Holy Spirit. I sure find it much easier to walk with Him, put Him first and in charge of my life than to try to do it under my own steam. If I stay out of the way, the outcome is never in doubt! It sure would have been much better if I had learned this much earlier in life.

Be sure of one thing!

God is Still Driving!



God Bless You!

I asked the Lord to bless you as I prayed for you today;
To guide you and protect you as you go along your way...

His love is always with you,
His promises are true.
No matter what the tribulation you know He will see us through.

So, when the road you're traveling on seems difficult at best, give your problems to the Lord and God will do the rest.


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Just a part of
God's Beauty


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