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Gospel Shield of Faith is for the explicit purpose of sharing God's Truth! The Saints of God have a desire to please God. To do so, we must keep asking God to show us Truth and be willing to accept that Truth. Only faith in God's Truth will accomplish desired results.

As we grow to physical maturity, we form a growth pattern. We form a similar growth pattern in the spiritual as we learn God's Truth. The greatest part of spiritual maturity is having faith in The Living God, Who is in control of all things. To spend eternity with Jesus we must come into the glorious light of the whole counsel of God's Truth.

It is my heart felt desire that you read these messages on Gospel Shield of Faith and understand that I am trying to fulfill Jesus' command to "feed my sheep". I pray you will accept the writings on Gospel Shield of Faith in the spirit which they are written; a spirit of love and deep concern felt for the Church in these last days.

The devil may flatter us, but he cannot force us; he may tempt us to sin, but he cannot compel us to sin. He could never come off a conqueror, were he not joined by our forces. The fire is his, but the tinder is ours. He could never enter into our houses, if we did not set open our doors.

A man may go to heaven without health, without wealth, without fame, without a great name, without learning, without culture, without beauty, without friends, without ten thousand other things.

But He Can Never Go To Heaven Without Jesus Christ.

To all my faithful visitors. After eight years of doing this webpage


Never in the 45 years of my ministry have I ever taken donations or gifts from others. But now I am drowning in medical debt due to the cancer surgery, chemo and other things and need the help of my brothers and sisters in The Lord. The cancer is back and I am standing on God's Word for healing, therefore I also need your prayers.

God says in His Word, "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

Will you please talk to Jesus about this and see what He would have you do financially to help me? I know Jesus is speaking to some of you to send a financial love gift.

Please send gift to:

Haddock Ministries
P. O. Box 2479
Arizona City, AZ 85123 USA

or you may use Pay Pal

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Need Miracle

In the Master's service,



Tickles your ears? Yes!
What you want to hear? Yes!
Pleases your flesh? Yes!
Soothes your conscience? Yes!
Makes no demands? Yes!
Get you to Heaven? No!

God takes the sacrifice of His Son very seriously. We should too if we want to make Heaven our final home.


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Gospel Good News
Who Is This Jesus
Who Is This Jesus of the Bible
Do You Ever Wonder?
What Is Faith
What Is Faith? What is this Thing God called Faith?
Your Love
Your Love For God
Amusing Tidbits
Amusing Tidbits To Make You Smile
In The Hands Of A Loving Heavenly Father
In The Hands Of A loving Heavenly Father is the very best place to be.
Counterfeits will Deceive You
A Time of Warning Will Keep You Safe
About Us
What You Need To Know About Us.
Adversity in Life, Why?
Lady, Are You Rich?
Lady, Are You Rich? Seen Through The Eyes Of Others
Ask and Receive
Ask...And It Shall Be Given to You
Beauty For Ashes
Beauty For Ashes, Crown of Life
Before The Lord
When You Stand Before The Lord
Beware and Be Watchful
Beware and Be Watchful
Books To Enrich Spiritual Understanding
Gospel Books
Gospel Books
Can Christians Have A Carnal Nature?
Checking In
Just Checking In
The Plain Truth About Christmas
Christmas, Pagan or Christian?
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree, What The Bible Says About It!
Total Commitment To God, A Bond Slave To Your Master
Correction Today?
Is Correction Acceptable Today?
Is Correction Acceptable Today?
Is Correction Acceptable Today?
Do You Walk In Spiritual Darkness?
Deceived? Not Me!
Jesus NOT Born December 25th
Jesus NOT Born December 25th
What Encyclopedias Say
Encyclopedias, What Do They Say About Christmas?
What is the right kind? How much is enough?
Faith and Confession
Faith and Confession is Biblical
Forgiveness, The Cost Staggers The Mind
Poison Fruit
Forbidden Poison Fruit. Poison Kills!
Why Gifts?
Why Were Gifts Presented To Christ?
God Cares
God Cares for You More Than You Know
Gospel Study Manuals
Miracle Testimony
Hell, The Prison House of Despair
Jesus Came and He's Coming Again
Jesus Loves
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
Last Days
Are You Ready for Earths Last Days?
My Logo - A Blessing From The Lord
Love Book
Love, The Greatest of These
Men of Great Faith
Men of Great Faith
My Mission is to Point You to Jesus!
Holly, Mistletoe and More
Holly, Mistletoe And Much, Much More
My Jesus
Do You Know My Jesus?
My Jesus2
Do You Know My Jesus?
This Is My Prayer
This Is My Prayer, You Can Make It Yours
NASA And The Bible
Never Forget
Never Forget That Awful Day That Changed Our Lives Forever
Our Nation
Our Nation, What Does Our Future Hold?
A Pagan, Not Christian Festival
A Pagan, Not Christian Festival
Pagan Custom
Pagan Custom, How It Got Into The Christian Church
Prayer Request
Prayer Request For Your Needs
Precious Lord, Take My Hand
The Birth Of The Hymn
Frequently Asked Questions
The Stone The Builders Rejected
Related Sites
Related Sites
Repent? Do We Really Have to Do That?
Rightly Related
Rightly Related To Jesus
Salvation, The Gift of God
Where Does Satan Come From?
What Does It Mean To Be Saved Or Born Again?
Saved..From What? Our Old Sin Nature
Searching and Searching for God
Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shadows of Death Into God's Light
Shield Yourself for Protection.
Ship Wrecked
Ship Wrecked during a storm at sea
Sinner To Saint
Sinner To Saint Is To Be Made Alive
A Smile Is Infectious, You Catch It Like The Flu
Soldier For Christ
A Soldier In The Army Of God
So Loved
God So Loved His Creation
Spiritual Authority
Spiritual Authority - Power Over Satan & Demons
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Growth Matures One in Christ
Statement of Faith
This Statement of Faith is What I Believe.
Is The Church Teachable Today?
Is The Church Teachable Today?
Temptation for Good or Evil
The Serpents Embrace
The Serpents Embrace - An Inadequate Gospel
The Son
Who Will Take The Son?
The Window
The Window, There is great happiness in making others happy.
The Thief Comes To Kill, Steal and Destroy
This and That
This and That is Poems and Such
Too Late
Too Late? Never Too Late For Jesus
Traveling Angels
Traveling Angels, Things Aren't Always What They Seem
What Does It Mean To Trust In The Lord?
Truth That Will Set You Free
Victimized Sheep
Victimized Sheep are Hurting
Ultimate Victory
Ultimate Victory, Taking The Top Spot
A vulnerable spirit can cause one to be deceived
Wake Up
Wake Up Thou That Sleepest And Arise From The Dead
Nevertheless, At Thy Word
God's Blessings in Your Life
Contact Us
Contact Us
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves Me, A Senior Version Of The Song
Claim Your Solutions
Scriptures For Your Solutions
Why Faith?
Why Do I Need Faith In Jesus?
Strong Faith
This Kind Of Faith Gets Results
Fully Persuaded
Can We Really Trust Jesus? YES!
Unshakable Faith
Faith That Is Steadfast And Unwavering
The Beguiling Serpent
As The Serpent Beguiled Eve
The Bargaining Power of Satan
Satan tempts with that which satisfies the carnal nature
Holy Boldness
Walking in Holy Boldness Before Our Lord
Robbing God
Robbing God
Burned Biscuits
A Lesson We All Should Learn
Just Stay
Your Son Is Here
The Enemy
The Personal Supreme Spirit of Evil
Splendid Opportunity
What is Opportunity?
Dress Rehearsal
Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal
A Little Mixed Up
But Life Is So Good
Senior Citizen Benefits
Benefits Of Being A Senior Citizen, And Loving It
No Refills
A Distraught Senior Citizen
Beginning of Sorrows
A Time Of Trouble Before The Return of Christ
Things Borrowed
But the crown that He wore....
Faithful Is He Who Has Promised
The Death of Jesus
How horrific and humbling to see the crucifixion of Jesus portrayed.
How The Apostles Died
How Each Apostle Med His Death
It's A Done Deal
His Word is Forever Established.
Ask, Seek, Knock
Asking, Seeking and Knocking gets prayers answered
Revival must begin in one's own heart to get results
The Devil's Cunning Tricks
The Devil Will Deceive Us If We Don't Understand Him.
From Arizona With Love
You Know You're From Arizona When...
Serving God
Are We Earnestly Serving God His Way?
The Folded Napkin
About a boy named Stevie who has Downs Syndrome
His Lordship
He Is Royalty You Know.
Master Of Everything
Jesus is Master of All
And With His Stripes We Are Healed
Jesus Endured That Beating For Us, His Children
Awesome God
Our Awesome God Is Everything That Is!

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I wish for you...

  • Comfort on difficult days;
  • Smiles when sadness intrudes;
  • Rainbows to follow the clouds;
  • Laughter to kiss your lips;
  • Sunsets to warm your heart;
  • Gentle hugs when spirits sag;
  • Friendships to brighten your being;
  • Beauty for your eyes to see;
  • Confidence for when you doubt;
  • Faith so that you can believe;
  • Courage to know yourself;
  • Patience to accept the truth;
  • And love to complete your life.

God Bless You!

I asked the Lord to bless you as I prayed for you today;
To guide you and protect you as you go along your way...

His love is always with you,
His promises are true.
No matter what the tribulation you know He will see us through.

So, when the road you're traveling on seems difficult at best, give your problems to the Lord and God will do the rest.


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Hang In There

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